The 5 Essential WordPress Tips for Newbies Bloggers

There is no query that WordPress is one of the most preferred blogging platforms among millions of bloggers and webmasters. Pro bloggers also love to use WordPress to share their views and ideas about any niche they are expert about. This post explains some WordPress tips which are must for every beginner to know about if he/she is planning to start a blog that matters on WordPress.

The 5 Essential WordPress Tips for Newbies Bloggers

Although there are various and lots of features or we can say WordPress tips which we can write and explain to beginners, yet we are explaining some of the most essential to know WordPress tips. So, let’s begin.

  1. One of the major WordPress tips is we can schedule our posts to be automatically published in future. Suppose i write 10 posts in one day and I don’t want to publish all of them on a single day. Then I can simply use this WordPress tips and schedule my posts for future publishing as my desire.If you want to use this WordPress tips and want to enable this option of publishing your post in future, follow these simple steps.
  • Just complete with your article and include every necessary link and image required in it.
  • Look at the option at the right side that will say “Publish Immediately”.
  • Besides it is written Edit, click it and set your date and timing and click ok.
  • You are done. The button saying “Publish” will automatically turn to “Schedule for xx/xx/xxxx and xx :xx
  1. Another awesome feature of wordpress is that you can easily modify the URL’s of your posts and pages to whatever you want to be. Sometime we write titles as “How To” or anything regarding any question which requires special characters like ? to be used in the tile. These type of titles are difficult for search engines to read and react to. So we can easily modify our post’s URL and remove every type of special character.

This option can also be used to reduce the URL of our post or page title.Sometime we write articles with long titles, with this option we can easily and automatically reduce the titles to short URL’s which is mostly preferred by search engines.

  1. Another awesome feature is wordpress editor.We can use wordpress editors to enable spellchecker to eliminate any misspelling from our posts or articles. With these wordpress editor, we can also use this wordpress editor to remove formatting from any type of copied text. WordPress also enables us with keyboard shortcuts. With these shortcuts we can easily bold, italicize, or underline our keywords and also convert them to H1, H2 or H3 tags.
  2. Another awesome feature of wordpress is that we can easily embed any type of video in our blog post. No matter either the video is from youtube, vimeo, or any other video website, yet we can upload the video in our post in single click.Its very simple to do process, just click on add media and upload your video manually or click “Insert from URL“. Just input your video link and you are done.Its very simple to do process.
  3. Another mind blowing feature of wordpress is that we can easily change/add/remove authors for our blog. Just what you have to do is choose any article that you want to add any certain author with. Click on top right tab termed “Screen Options” and tick “Authors”. A new box with all the authors will be opt-out and you can add any author from the list of them.You are done with this awesome feature of wordpress to add any author to wordpress posts.

Professional Tip-

Well, This is a tip for writing content and basic SEO, Start Using Grammarly for writing grammatical error free content. You can use Grammarly Premium Free Account for 7 Days and After that, you can simply use it’s Refer and Earn Program for Getting more free Access. And for SEO purpose, Analyzing your Competitor is a good thing so you can use Ahrefs Premium Free Account. 

No matter as I previously said that there are loads of features in WordPress than these that I mentioned in my article. These tips are for newbie bloggers planning to WordPressrdpress as their blogging platform. Don’t forget to share my article if you liked.

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