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Ways to prevent plagiarism

Ways to prevent plagiarism Plagiarism is a rising but undiscussed issue. This issue is not only causing students to procrastinate but also lacking the creativity issues among them. Copy/pasting other’s hard work and presenting it in your own name is basically plagiarism. This clearly causes an unfair activity with the original creator of content. If

The 5 Essential WordPress Tips for Newbies Bloggers

There is no query that WordPress is one of the most preferred blogging platforms among millions of bloggers and webmasters. Pro bloggers also love to use WordPress to share their views and ideas about any niche they are expert about. This post explains some WordPress tips which are must for every beginner to know about

The 9 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

This article is all about Top List Of Useful WordPress Popup Plugins required in any blog for its better performance in search engines. A blog is only said to be successful if it gets decent traffic, has a good number of twitter followers, facebook fans and last RSS subscribers. The more any blog has twitter followers,